Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK I)

Professional Scrum with Kanban from USD $200

Product Name: Professional Scrum with Kanban

Product Description: The Professional Scrum with Kanban level I (PSK I) assessment is available to anyone who wishes to validate their knowledge of the how Scrum Teams can use Scrum with Kanban ability to support value creation and delivery.

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Description from was created in 2009 by Ken Schwaber, one of the founders of Scrum, out of extreme dissatisfaction with the state of the art. leads the evolution and maturity of Scrum to improve the profession of software development, up to the level of the enterprise agility of organizations.
Year Founded2009
Thought LeadershipThought leadership at comes from Ken Schwaber and the 200+ Professional Scrum Trainers who develop, steward and teach courses at

Ken Schwaber is the founder of; he was one of the co-creators of the Scrum Framework, one of the 17 authors of the Agile Manifesto and founders of the Agile Alliance, and one of the founders of the Scrum Alliance.
Mailing AddressMiddlesex Turnpike, Burlington, Massachusetts 01803
Certificant DirectoryDirectory of Certification Holders

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